Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mini e.l.f. Haul

So how is everyone on this lazy Sunday? Gosh! I have not blogged in ages, so I decided to show you guys what I bought from the e.l.f. website. They had a Halloween Sale which I got 50% off plus free shipping and since they have added some new items to the site, I felt that I needed to treat myself.

This is the new e.l.f. Stipple Brush Set. There's the large stipple brush that you can use to apply liquid  foundation, the small stipple brush that you can use to blend concealer or highlight, the eyeshadow stipple brush which I don't know exactly how I would use it, lol! But I will figure it out. Lastly, the tapered stipple brush that can be used for numerous applications. The brushes are travel size and come with a neat little carrying case that has a velcro closure and a zipper pocket, so you can put your must haves in the pocket and the brushes in the slots, throw it in your bag and take it out when you need to make touch ups.
Left to right. New color Bronzer in Bora Bora, Lip Balm Tint in Grapefruit and Berry, Cream Eyeliner in Coffee

Swatches of the lip tint. Left to right; Berry, Grapefruit. Bottom swatch of cream liner in Coffee.

I have always been curious about these lotion wipes. I've never seen anything like these. I have not used them yet put they smell great! Top is the Vanilla and Coconut lotion wipes, bottom the Shea Butter lotion wipes. I just had to get the Shea Butter wipes because I am crazy for anything Shea Butter. You are suppose to be able to use these wipes all over your body, so I will have to see how well that works.

Left to right. e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Bark (swatch below), Eye Enhancing Light Reflecting Mascara for brown eyes in Black Diamond, e.l.f. Nourshing Cuticle Pen, e.l.f.Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Papers.

e.l.f.Translucent Mattifying Powder in Tinted. This is a new color for e.l.f. I have purchased the translucent powder that is not tinted and it worked pretty good, I just did not like the powdery finish that it left. I was so happy to see that this powder now comes tinted since my skin is brown. I am excited to use this.

This is a new product from e.l.f. The HD Mattifying Cream Foundation. I have purchased this before in the color Coco, but it was too dark for my skin so I reordered in Caramel which matches my skin perfectly. I will use the darker foundation to contour.

Last on the list is new nail polish colors from e.l.f. from left to right; Thunderstorm, Skinny Jeans and High Tide. I bought these because I think these colors are perfect for the Fall. I can't wait to use them.

If you have not purchased from e.l.f. before SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! LOL!!! Even though the prices are extremely affordable the quality is awesome. I am a huge fan of e.l.f. and will continue to buy their products. You can purchase from their website or at Target store. Check them out!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cleaning my Makeup Brushes using the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

I promise you guys with a review of the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. This is a review and I guess you can call it a tutorial.

So these are some of my makeup brushes and I am going to show you how to clean them using the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. So let's get started.

First you pick the which brushes you are going to clean. I chose to clean my face brushes first, so I chose the side of the glove for cleaning face brushed. I started by wetting the glove.

Then I added some of my homemade brush cleaner to the middle of the glove. (If you are interest in my homemade brush cleaner recipe, please leave a comment below.)

Next, wet your brush and then swirl the brush in the cleaner and work up a lather.

Use the top of the glove to rinse all the cleaner out of the brush.

Lastly, squeeze all the water out of the brush. Repeat this process for all of your brushes. For small eye brushes flip the glove over and use the other side.

I will have to say that this glove does clean my brushes better than just washing by hand. The different textures on the glove helps get all the makeup out of the brushes. I did have a couple of brush where I had to wash more than once and ironically they were Sigma brushes, LOL! Anyway, I like how I was able to wash multiple eyeshadow brushes which reduced the amount of cleaning time.

All in all I am impressed with the cleaning glove and recommend anyone who is a makeup artist or if you do your makeup all the time to invest in the glove.

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Super Huge Collective Haul Part 2: BH Cosmetics

Part 2 of my collective haul is the BH Cosmetics. I ordered a few things from their website. This is my first purchase from BH Cosmetics, I've never used their products before. I have not yet used any of these products. So lets get started

So this is my mini haul from BH Cosmetics. I purchsed 4 palettes, 3 that are eyeshadow palettes and one concealer palette. I purchased a makeup case and a brush belt.

I have been shopping for a brush belt for a couple of years now since I have starting doing freelance makeup. I wasn't having any luck because I had a certain budget and all the belts I liked were way over that budget until I found BH Cosmetics, I was able to find a brush belt in my budget. This belt feels really good and there is enough room for all the brushes I will need while I am working.

I have been seeing this palette on most of the makeup channels on YouTube and I just had to get one for myself. I have not used it yet, but can't wait to try out the colors. My daughter's prom is coming up, I just may use it when I do her makeup.

The other eyeshadow palette that I purchased is the BH Day & Night palette. This palette has eyeshadows that you can wear in daytime on the left and for the night on the right. I was able to use this palette when I was invited to a birthday party this weekend. The colors are so pigmented which makes for a great color pay off.

Since I will be working on a variety of women of color, this concealer palette is perfect for me. I wish I could find a foundation palette like this too.

I needed a matte eyeshadow palette. I find that these palettes are very convenient, they don't take up much room in my makeup case which brings me to the last item in my haul.

I needed another makeup case because the one I already have is extremely full. This case holds all the makeup palettes that are featured in this post and then some. I bought this case to use on my small jobs where I won't need a lot of products.

This concludes part 2 of my Super Huge Haul. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Julep Maven: March Box

Happy Easter everyone!!! I know this is the last day of March, which makes this post super late! I am so sorry.

This month's Julep box is different because Julep has revamped one of their style profiles which happens to be my profile style American Beauty to Modern Beauty. And instead of receiving nail polishes every month, you now get Julep beauty products instead. I was given a choice if I wanted to switch or not, so I made the switch just to see what beauty products I would receive. Now, I can switch to a different style profile temporarily if I decided I wanted to receive more nail polishes or just buy the polishes out right. So here we go!

This month's Julep box consisted of a Julep glycolic hand scrub, Rock Star hand creme and a Julep Strawberry-Mint lip balm. I have not used these products yet due to I am still using a different hand scrub and hand creme and I don't like to open new things until I finish with the products that are already in use. So once I start to us these products, I will post a review.

You can go to to sign up for their monthly subscription. It's only $19.99/month

Until next!!!

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Super Huge Collective Haul from e.l.f., Sigma, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and GNC. Part 1 Sigma Haul

Hey guys I know that it has been awhile, but I am back. I have a huge collective haul that I want to share with you guys but this post will be super long if post all of the things in the haul. So what I decided to break the haul into different parts and post everyday until I have posted the entire haul. So here goes part 1, the Sigma Haul.

These are the items that I purhased from Sigma. I have actually had them for several weeks and I have not used them yet, so I don't have a review as of yet. But I will have one later in the week. In the mean time, lets get started.

First up is the Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kits. I have been wanting these since they first came out and now I have all three collections.

Each set has three bases in different colors for $36 per set, $13 for individuals. There is a brush provided in each set as well.

Alright, so starting with the Dare collection, this is the eyeshadow base in Strike.

This base is called Dash. The lighting isn't all that great, but this is a dark brown.

This one is called Unveil.

Next is the Bare collection. Left is Pose, right is Sculpt, bottom is Persuade

The last collection is Flare. Left Provoke, right Pursue, bottom Spy

I ordered some brushes to add to my brush collection. The large bush is the Flat Angled Kabuki brush. I already the other five kabuki brushes, this one completes my set. The small brushes are basically a smaller version of the kabuki.

This is the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool with attachments. I have always wanted a system like this to cleanse my face and everyone has been talking about the Clarisonic cleansing system, but it cost around $150. I saw this one on the Sigma website and it cost only $65 with the attachments included, so needless to say I went for it. I have not used it yet but am very excited about this purchase and hope it does not let me down.

Lastly, is the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. I saw this while watching a YouTube video and decided to go on the Sigma website to check it out. I saw that it was $65! It took me awhile to make a decision to purchase this, but I ended up giving in and made the purchase. I still can't justify paying $65 for this. I will be posting a review very soon on whether I like this or not. According to the YouTube video I saw, this glove is suppose to cut the cleaning time in half. You are suppose to be able to wash multiple small brushes at one time. There are different sections on the glove that does different things like rinsing cleansing and there is a section for shaping the brushes back and squeezing all the water out of the brush. I am ready to see how this works, so stay tuned for a review.

These is just part 1 of my collective haul. I will post a different haul everyday until I have posted all the items that I have collected, which is a lot, OMG!!! LOL!!! So be patient with me please. Until next time guys and Happy Easter!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Things: ShoeDazzle

Hello beauties! I have new things from my favorite online stores ShoeDazzle!

The silver bead bracelet is not part of the new things

My new Lucie shoe. Black patent leather wedge.

The Ailish red platform sling back heel.

I joined ShoeDazzle 2 years ago and have developed quite the shoe collection. When I first joined there was a monthly membership fee of $39.95 but a year later the fee wave dropped. Also, when I joined Kim Kardashian was the head stylist but she is no longer, it is now Rachel Zoe. She offers a VIP membership of $9.95 where you get discounts off of all the online items, and the $9.95 goes towards your purchase. But if you do not use the $9.95 you can save it each month and use on purchases at a later time, oh and in addition to the VIP membership you still get points from purchases.

I love ShoeDazzle, they always have my style shoes and boots. I always get compliments on the shoes I wear.

See for yourself

Julep Maven: February Box

Julep Maven February Box
Inside the box:
Oxygen Nail Treatment
Freedom Polymer Top Coat
Nail polish in Joan
Nail Polish in Sally
Mini eyelash curler

The nail polishes now come with tabs on the top of the polish bottle where you can swatch the polish, so you will be able to see the color. I like these.

I will do a review later.

Until next time!