Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cleaning my Makeup Brushes using the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

I promise you guys with a review of the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. This is a review and I guess you can call it a tutorial.

So these are some of my makeup brushes and I am going to show you how to clean them using the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. So let's get started.

First you pick the which brushes you are going to clean. I chose to clean my face brushes first, so I chose the side of the glove for cleaning face brushed. I started by wetting the glove.

Then I added some of my homemade brush cleaner to the middle of the glove. (If you are interest in my homemade brush cleaner recipe, please leave a comment below.)

Next, wet your brush and then swirl the brush in the cleaner and work up a lather.

Use the top of the glove to rinse all the cleaner out of the brush.

Lastly, squeeze all the water out of the brush. Repeat this process for all of your brushes. For small eye brushes flip the glove over and use the other side.

I will have to say that this glove does clean my brushes better than just washing by hand. The different textures on the glove helps get all the makeup out of the brushes. I did have a couple of brush where I had to wash more than once and ironically they were Sigma brushes, LOL! Anyway, I like how I was able to wash multiple eyeshadow brushes which reduced the amount of cleaning time.

All in all I am impressed with the cleaning glove and recommend anyone who is a makeup artist or if you do your makeup all the time to invest in the glove.

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