Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Huge Collective Haul Part 2: BH Cosmetics

Part 2 of my collective haul is the BH Cosmetics. I ordered a few things from their website. This is my first purchase from BH Cosmetics, I've never used their products before. I have not yet used any of these products. So lets get started

So this is my mini haul from BH Cosmetics. I purchsed 4 palettes, 3 that are eyeshadow palettes and one concealer palette. I purchased a makeup case and a brush belt.

I have been shopping for a brush belt for a couple of years now since I have starting doing freelance makeup. I wasn't having any luck because I had a certain budget and all the belts I liked were way over that budget until I found BH Cosmetics, I was able to find a brush belt in my budget. This belt feels really good and there is enough room for all the brushes I will need while I am working.

I have been seeing this palette on most of the makeup channels on YouTube and I just had to get one for myself. I have not used it yet, but can't wait to try out the colors. My daughter's prom is coming up, I just may use it when I do her makeup.

The other eyeshadow palette that I purchased is the BH Day & Night palette. This palette has eyeshadows that you can wear in daytime on the left and for the night on the right. I was able to use this palette when I was invited to a birthday party this weekend. The colors are so pigmented which makes for a great color pay off.

Since I will be working on a variety of women of color, this concealer palette is perfect for me. I wish I could find a foundation palette like this too.

I needed a matte eyeshadow palette. I find that these palettes are very convenient, they don't take up much room in my makeup case which brings me to the last item in my haul.

I needed another makeup case because the one I already have is extremely full. This case holds all the makeup palettes that are featured in this post and then some. I bought this case to use on my small jobs where I won't need a lot of products.

This concludes part 2 of my Super Huge Haul. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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