Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Year Nappiversary

March 10, 2012 marked my 2 year nappiversary meaning that I have been natural for 2 years. To me has seemed long than 2 years. I really expected to have more length than I do but I think it has something to do with the fact that I cut my hair twice last year. I got a professional cut where I had the beautician cut all the damage parts of my hair off and it was quit a bit, and then I did a so call trim but messed it up and now one side of my hair is longer than the other. I did straighten my hair this year for my trip to Houston and I left it straight for about two weeks. It did not revert even though I went to Galveston
Beach and I wore it down to dinner two nights in a row. I was pretty happy that I did not have to put any more heat on my hair after straightening it. The only complaint I did have was that I had a lot of shedding. It seemed very unusual but once I washed my hair and started to wear it in it's natural state the shedding stopped.

I am not going to cut or trim my hair for a while just to see how long it gets. I want it passed my shoulders. But another problem that I have is shrinkage. When I saturated my hair with water it shrinks up so tight (it's so annoying). To achieve a full volumous look I have to stretch my hair either with two strand twist or braid outs or blow outs which are all very time consuming just to get it stretched out, but whatever it is what it is.

This is the result of a braid/twist out. I actually did a blow out and my hair shrank right up!

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