Saturday, March 24, 2012


On my to pick up my husband from the train station last night I was in a car wreck. The other driver hit my car as I was making a left turn. Immediately I was ANGRY!!!!!!! I jumped out the car screaming and hollering and cussing. One of the passengers kept telling me to calm down and I told him that I won't calm down because they just F'd up my ride! At this time we are blocking the intersection so I tell them let's move to a parking lot, while I was moving my car I am watching to make sure that they did not drive off without getting this resolved.  So we park and get out of the car. I find out that the driver can't speak English and his son is the other passenger and has to speak for him. The son immediately says that he was in the back seat and did not see anything, but they will pay for my car. Of course I get even more angry because when he said that I knew that the driver did not have any car insurance. So I tell him if they are going to pay they need to give me the damn money NOW!!!!

Well the driver decided that he can speak enough English to tell me that I was in the wrong and that I needed to call the police, which I took his advance and did. While waiting for the cops I refrain from saying anything else to these people because I wanted to PUNCH SOMEBODY!!!!! Once the cops arrive after waiting what seemed like forever they ask if everyone is okay and ask if have already exchanged information, I told them not yet and the cop asks for our license and insurance. I give my information and the other driver is only able to produce a driver's license but NO INSURANCE!!!! As soon as the cop finds that out she calls for back up. She then runs our plates and license numbers they come back clear. But things get worse for the other driver who TOLD ME TO CALL THE POLICE. He is arrested and taken to jail and his car is towed because the state where I live it is a violation if you are driving an uninsured vehicle. The other drive will not be able to get his car back until he get it insured.
So I am stuck with repairing my car own my own. I can't help but think of the $3K I just spent last month on my car for maintenance. My husband drove the car home and I had to sit in the back seat because my passenger door  will not open, and while I was sitting back there I kept thinking that the wreck could have been worst than what it was. Even though I ragging mad I kept hearing the driver's son ask me if I was okay but I never answered him and I never asked them if they were okay. As I laid in bed last night these thoughts kept going through my head. I should be grateful and praising God that no one got hurt and that I have insurance and just get my car fixed.

How would you have handled the situation?

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