Friday, March 23, 2012

ZARA! I Never Knew!

OK , so I have been following Shirley B. Enaning on YouTube and her blog and even though she lives in the UK she has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion! She shops at a store called ZARA, that is one of her favorite stores to shop in. She has blogged about different fashions that she has purchased from there and how much she paid for them. Well I was so intrigued that I decided to look up the store online and see if it was in the US and it was! I was so excited because I really liked the outfits and bags that she purchased.

Well I decided to visit ZARA and I have to admit that the close were a little high for the budget that I had at the moment but nothing that i wasn't used to. The clothes are very trendy and the bags and accessories are awesome. I wanted to stay in there all day. I did encounter a sales representative that I thought was a little on the rude side, but that may be just the way that he is.

But anyway, I did make two purchases. I purchased a top that was on clearance for $7.99 and I found a bag that was in my budget for $35.90 that was in the Basic Collection. I still have my eye on another bag that cost $79.90 which are in my plans to purchase along with some other items as well. But for now I am very pleased with my purchases. I look forward to visiting ZARA again.

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