Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I got for my Birthday

 Sephora Hot Hues Makeup Brushes

 Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing Foundation in R40
 Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder in Golden
 :( Sad Face!!! It was broken when I opened the package.

 Sephora Hot Hues palette in Vivid Mulberry

 Left: the hightlight and blush
Middle to Right: Eye shadow colors
 Sephora Pink Edition All-in-one palette

 Lip colors
 Top: eye shadow colors
Bottom: cheek color
 Sephora Hot Hues Eyeliners

My birthday was May 12, and some of my friends decided to give me some gifts. So sweet!
I got a bag from which came with a bonus makeup bag/crossbody. I love this!
Another friend gave me a $40 Sephora gift card which I redeemed online at and I got all the makeup goodies that you see. I have not used them yet, but I will do a review when I do.

I really love my gifts and I feel so special to have friends who think of me on my birthday. I love them so! :)

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